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Treatment of a Haunted Person

Experiencing the feeling of being haunted by the evil spirits is such a disease which is related with the mind. In most of the cases it is caused when the level of salt in blood becomes higher than that of the sugar. When the blood with excessive salt after circulating the body enters the two billion brain cells; the cells which are responsible for the production of the conscious senses …Read More

Permission to use and Thanks giving for Charms and Amulets

Every Spiritual therapist believes instinctively that if he will grant permission to somebody that person will also become a spiritual therapist like him. It has been commonly observed that one who is granted permission to exercise mystical powers starts enjoying the same disposition and qualities of the one who grants permission to exercise the power. Infusion of disposition and characteristics of one person into another is one of the qualities …Read More

Spiritual Therapists and Therapeutics

Spiritual healers and therapists by inculcating something in their minds or by doing something repeatedly manage to use their will-power in a controlled manner. Practice enables them to make use of their activated will-power easily and effectively. There are some people who are born with this gifted ability and have natural inclination and tendency for spiritualism. They exercise and execute these things, in the beginning, without having proper awareness of …Read More

Our Consultants

Hakeem Kashif Naeem Qureshi Matab Qureshi-Ul-Azeemi Consultancy Timming: 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Sunday Closed Shop # B-13, Sector 14-B, K.D.A. Flats Phase IV, Main Road Shadman Town# 2., North Karachi, Karachi-Pakistan 75850 Cell: +92 333 3066980

Donate to QHC

Qureshi Health Care help the people to solve their social, marital, family & spiritual problems, we also provide herbal products, gems, rings and products of other therapies in very low price. But we give the poor & ill people spiritual & herbal treatment free of cost regularly. If You Want To Donate Qureshi Health Care For Poor & Ill People So Please Donate to them. Three different ways to donate are …Read More

Infertile Land

If the land is infertile, waterlogged and saline or if the soil itself is okay but the seeds inside the soil do not seem to grow and develop properly, recite YA BAQIYU 11 hundred times and blow on twenty pounds (20 lb) of clay and spread this clay on the whole field.

Blessings in the Home

After performing ablution if one goes to sleep whilst reciting YA BADEEU one will see true dreams and one is informed of incidents and situations that will occur in the future. If this Name is recited 100 times after offering the Isha Prayer one will find release from worries and sorrow. If there are any obstacles in one’s way of earning livelihood, they are removed. It also brings blessings and …Read More