When God created men, he created a proper system inside him that works automatically, known as vital force. But sometimes due to any reason a malfunction is developed inside human body that appears as a disease. The existence of disease requires treatment. In this context, herbs, minerals and some animal by-products are used for medication. The Islamic Medicine always have this honor to that they used the herbs and minerals provided by nature and researched on the constitute inside them and gave them to humanity for medication of disease.

Today in this modern era of human diseases such material existence is owed siege. Anxiousness, agitation, stress and man struggling with mental health’s targeted men are worried about their health and fitness. For treatment of disease, the medicines prepared in Herbalist’s own pharmacy of Islamic medicine have a positive result in this community.

For serving the humanity, with a passion of philanthropy Hazrat Hakeem Fazal-ur-Rehman Qureshi-ul-Azeemi established a clinic with modern Islamic medicine and spiritual healing in Lines Area, Karachi under the Name of Qureshi Health Care in 1985 which is still serving the humanity up to date. For serving the beings of god, he established another clinic in Shadman Town, Karachi. From October 1993 Hakeem Kashif Naeem Qureshi serve as the CEO of this organization (up to date) whose priority is of establishment of this organization with endless struggle and hard work. And by these means this organization is still serving the humanity.

We provide unani medicine (herbal medicine), precious stones, rings and products of other therapies in affordable cost. We also help the people to solve their social, matrimonial, family & spiritual problems; the person’s spiritual treatment is although free of cost. Our goal is to provide quality medicines, superior service and comfort is to know about life.

It’s a great gift of nature that our struggle is a source of healing for the servant’s of God. It is our pray to Allah that this organization continues their work with honesty, and that their sincere work always conveys you health. Ameen!