At Time of Farewell (of Bride)


Allah has unapproved of anger:

And those who eat anger and forgive others, Allah loves people as such who favor others.

If we study this with a deep vision we realise that the one being angry is causing harm to him only. When a person is angry his blood circulates faster around the body. The waves that are essential in keeping a person healthy go to waste after dispersing. When one is angry one’s senses become disturbed and it is possible for him to commit such a deed which he will regret all his life. The recitation YA RA’UFU has a miraculous and strange effect. It protects one from getting angry. After of offering the Isha Prayer recite Durood Shareef 11 times before and after reciting Ya Ra’ufu. This creates love and affection for others within one. One begins to look upon the whole of Allah’s creation as his own brothers and sisters, mother and father, and his own children. All others begin to look upon him in the same manner and hold him very dear.

After farewell when a bride comes in front of her husband, if she recites YA RA’UFU 7 times and blows upon herself her husband will remain considerate and affectionate towards her all her life.