Behind the Names


There are times when the true meaning of an application has taken on new importance for the people of a geographic entity. But how can you be assured of traditional medicine application in exchange for your health design. One way is to look beyond the name of a natural drug and discover something about the system of medicine behind it. But how many names traditional medicine can afford for the applications of natural drugs: Oriental, Eastern, Unani, Greco-Arabic and Islamic. But all these are neither representative nor bore meaning of the system of medicine being practiced now in Pakistan. In the following pages the name is carved out for the natural drugs and its system of medicine as “Indusyunic” medicine which clearly spells out that the traditional system of medicine perpetuated and developed in the vast area along the bank of river Indus which now constitutes Pakistan. Indusyunic medicine, therefore, represent the amalgamation of learning of herb drugs and their use as medicine available to the peoples of Indus.”Indus”, the river, “Yun” (Yunan) meaning Greek, therefore mixing the two words with adjective, could be called as Indusyunic.