Manifestation of Graves


One of the stages of Tassawuf (Sufism) is Kashf-Al-Qaboor. At this stage one is granted the knowledge of where the souls reside after passing away from this world, what state they are in, how they are spending their life there and how the day and night, months and years are in that realm. One meets the souls and converses with them.

This course of action is called Kashf-Al-Qaboor. To awaken this ability it is essential that one has taken oath (Bait) in a spiritual school of thought (Silsila). If a student is connected with his spiritual mentor and the spiritual abilities within him begin to awaken then by reciting YA BA’ISU that eye is opened through which one observes the souls, those ears are opened through which one hears the voices of the souls. Allah grants one with that power of speech through which one can converse with the souls.