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B-Plus Formula (Oil+Tablets)


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Product Description

  • Breast is the human body organ that vital for women’s beauty. Its growth is dependent upon age and health condition.  However, the imbalance in hormonal levels and poor diet can affect their growth.
  • Hormone called Estrogen controls the growth and malfunctioning of this hormone results in reduced breast size
  • The complications during menstrual periods can lead to failure of progesterone hormone to work properly and ultimately leading to retarded growth and development of feminine organs (ovaries and mammary glands). The oral and topical use of estrogen and progesterone based formulations can thus help recover this deficiency
  • B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) is well researched product and one of the miracles of Qureshi Healthcare® based upon the precious herbal sources of healthy natural estrogen and progesterone. The formula can help women attain attractive and charming figure and let them flee from associated personality disorders.
  • The pure natural ingredients of B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) acts both inside the body and externally to produce effective results.
  • The use of B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) supplies the body with ample amount of vitamins and vital minerals such as iron calcium to recover nutrients deficiency.
  • B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) can normalize the unbalanced hormonal concentrations in body to expected levels. It is also capable of disbanding the clots to increase blood flow into the vessels.
  • The use of B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) rejuvenates the breast development through regulating overall development of the body as per natural levels.
  • The use of B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) besides gradual natural boosting of the size of breasts, also tones their firmness and shape.
  • The B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) can increase cup-size and render larger and attractive cleavage to make the personality adorable and admirable.
  • While B-Plus Formula (Oil + Tablets) is available as 100% pure natural remedy, there is no need to have any artificial treatment or tool. Its use over few weeks makes the breasts look just good.


  • Oil: before going to bed in night, gently massage on both sides; 20 times each clockwise and anti-clockwise in circular fashion.
  • Tablets: Three times a day. One tablet each oral dose before meals to be taken with water.