The Magical Influence of Planets


  1. Electronic radiation from planets produces cellular change in human bodies.
  2. The use of gems is recommended to mitigate the evil effects of certain planets in certain positions in the solar system.
  3. The effect of a particular gem lasts so long as a particular planet wields its influence on one. Since planets are always in transit, has to change one’s stone according to the movement of the planets.
  4. All gems, except red coral and ruby, should be soaked in raw milk for at least three hours to remove impurities; red coral in soap water, and ruby in lemon juice for three hours will remove impurities from them.
  5. You may wish to work with a certain stones on a particular day, or wear one that represents the day of the week on which you were born.

The following table given below gives the gems for particular days of the week.

Day Planetary Ruler Gem
Sunday Sun Amber, Gold, Topaz
Monday Moon Pearl, Moon Stone
Tuesday Mars Ruby, Garnet
Wednesday Mercury Turquoise, Sapphire, Lapis-lazuli
Thursday Jupiter Amethyst
Friday Venus Emerald, Malachite, Jade
Saturday Saturn Diamond, Smoky Quartz, Opal

The planets associated with gems and zodiac signs are as follows:

Planet Gem Zodiac Sign Lord
Sun Ruby Leo
Moon Pearl Cancer
Mars Coral Aries, Scorpio
Mercury Emerald Gemini, Virgo
Jupiter Topaz Sagittarius, Pisces
Venus Diamond Taurus, Libra
Saturn Supphire Capricorn, Aquarius

Each finger, directly connected with a specific part of the body, is under the governance of a specific planet.

Index Finger
Jupiter controls this finger.
It relates to the respiratory system and the stomach.
Pearl, coral and topaz recommended are setting in a ring and wearing on this finger.
Moonstone and white pearl can also be worn to ensure sound sleep.

Middle Finger
Saturn rules this finger.
It represents intestines, mind, brain and liver.
Emerald, diamond and zircon are recommended.
Moonstone, sapphire, white coral and white pearl are also worn.

Ring Finger
The ruling lord of this finger is Sun.
It is associated with kidneys, stomach, respiratory system, and blood circulation.
Coral, topaz and cat’s eyes are beneficial gems.
Ruby, red coral, white pearl and moonstone can be worn.

Little Finger
Mercury governs this finger.
It is directly related to the genitals, knees, legs and feet.
Sapphire and, zircon are the recommended stones. Lapis lazuli can also be used.

The planets influence our body and certain gems are used for specific planets to counteract the evil effects of malefic planets.


  1. This planet stands for energy, courage, and dare-devilry.
  2. A red coral of 9, 11 or 12 gins, set in gold, copper or silver, and worn on the index or ring finger on Tuesday, makes a dull and lethargic person very active and bright, gives extra-muscular strength, an independent spirit, a strong determination, an ambition for success, and leadership qualities.
  3. The ring should be made when Mars is in Capricorn (its exalted sign) and also in Aries.
  4. Other benefits that accrue are success in exam, marriage of one’s daughter, and procure­ment of a new job.
  5. The diseases that can come from an afflicted Mars are acute fever, plague, measles, smallpox, chickenpox, burns, fistula, wounds, brain fever, typhoid, hemorrhage, ulcer of the intestines, hernia, malaria, risk of abortions, boils, appendicitis and rheumatism


  1. This planet reflects one’s intelligence and wisdom.
  2. An emerald of 3, 5, 7 or 10 grams, fitted in gold and worn on the little finger on Wednesday, will work wonders for success in exams and competitions.
  3. The ring should be made when Mercury is in Virgo.
  4. The use of red coral, red cloth, red thread and number nine will help to tap the magical influence of Mars.
  5. The diseases related to this planet are vertigo, lethargy, tuberculosis, insanity, dry cough, gout, stammering, and leprosy, cancer, skin and stomach diseases.


  1. This planet stands for considerable power and pleasure.
  2. This planet governs the gentle and refined attributes, eyes, reproductive system, throat, chin, cheeks and kidneys.
  3. If a diamond of 1/4 or 1/2 grams is fitted in a platinum or gold ring, and worn on the middle finger on Friday, great pleasures, comforts and wealth are assured.
  4. The ring should be made when Venus is exalted in Pisces, and is positioned in Taurus.
  5. An afflicted Venus shows delayed marriage and a disturbed marital life.


  1. This is a planet of success.
  2. It signifies children and wealth, governs the higher attributes of the mind, and helps in the upliftment of the soul.
  3. It rules over the liver, bloodstream, and fat.
  4. A yellow sapphire of 7 or 13 grams, set in tin or gold, and worn on the little finger on Thursday, ensures success in every field.
  5. The ideal time for making the ring is when Jupiter is positioned in Cancer.
  6. The diseases that an afflicted Jupiter can give jaundice, dyspepsia, abscess, pancreas and liver ailments, cerebral congestion, catarrh, carbuncles and flatulence.


  1. It is the signification for royalty, and is a symbol of spirit.
  2. A ruby of 3 or 5 gins set in gold and worn on the ring finger on Sundays, will make one determined, self-willed, decisive, cheerful, active authoritative, ambitious, optimistic, brilliant, successful and blessed with sterling qualities.
  3. Sun rules the heart, and represents the right eye in men and the left eye in women, mouth, spleen, throat and brain.
  4. Diseases accruing from the Sun being afflicted by malefic planets are high blood pressure, hemorrhage, meningitis, loss of speech, typhoid, epilepsy, cardiac thrombosis, eruption on the face, high fevers, and bile complaints.


  1. This planet is the life-giver and lifesaver, and represents mind and mother.
  2. A white pearl of 2, 4, 6 or 9 grams, fitted in silver, and worn on the little finger on Monday, ensures health, cheer, honor, safe journeys, increase in wealth and pleasantness.
  3. Jupiter in Taurus should make this ring when Moon is aspect.
  4. The diseases related to the moon are eye complaints, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy, beriberi, cold and cough, colitis, intestinal disorders, tumors, peritoitis, throat problems, asthma, varicose veins, alcoholic addiction, dyspepsia, dysentery, cancer and typhoid.


  1. This planet stands for perfection and sophistication.
  2. A blue sapphire of 5 or 7 grams, fitted in lead or silver and worn on the middle finger on Saturday, benefits one towards perfection, success in higher studies, and research work.
  3. The ring is to be made when Saturn is in Libra (its exalted sign).
  4. A black cloth, a black thread, a black pearl and number eight tap the magical force of Saturn.
  5. The diseases related to it are jaundice, gout, insanity, leprosy, colitis, paralysis, frequent colds, deafness, and dumbness.