The Magnetic Power of Gems


Gems are mostly used for curative purpose. They are also used for increasing wealth, longevity, power and popularity. The gems, coming in contact with the body, inject rays into the body, restoring the balance between deficiency and excess. Each gem has an abundant source of one specific ray.


  1. Ruby symbolises the heart of spiritual love and devotion through the forces of purification.
  2. It is also an aspect of divine fire and purification.
  3. Its fire inspires the love of truth and wisdom.
  4. It gives positive life-force qualities.
  5. It activates and vitalises the whole body through the circulation of the bloodstream.
  6. It has a stimulating vibration.
  7. This is useful for the development of soul force and will power.
  8. It cures fever, rheumatism, peptic ulcer, and gout.
  9. It brings in a lot of wealth.
  10. The individual will always triumph, and lead a royal life.
  11. It protects one from fear, afflictions, sorrow and disasters.
  12. If the stone is dull, the person’s brother might be in distress.
  13. A milky stone denotes destruction of cattle.
  14. A smoky stone attracts lightning.
  15. A dusty-colored stone causes disorders.
  16. White, black or honey-colored sprinkling on the stone suggest defamation, and decrease in longevity, wealth and comforts.
  17. A fading color signifies some distress or disaster.
  18. A depression in the stone means ill health, and loss of stamina and vitality.


  1. Pale and luminescent, pearls are, connected with the moon and feminine, mystical qualities often symbolised by water, secrets, and wisdom.
  2. Pearls also symbolise longevity as well as patience, tranquility, and purity.
  3. It strengthens the mind force.
  4. It helps us reach a higher level through the practice of sacrifice and devotional love.
  5. Its high calcium content contains curative properties.
  6. It helps to cure insomnia, uterine disorders, heart and eye problems, tuberculosis, hysteria and pleurisy.
  7. It controls one’s rash temper, and makes conjugal life harmonious, removes depres­sion, inspires love and faithfulness, and bestows one with a good memory.
  8. It increases one’s good fortune, fame, wealth, longevity and popularity.
  9. A pearl with a yellow luster ensures wealth.
  10. The red-colored variety makes one intelligent.
  11. A white pearl bestows fame.
  12. A blue one brings in good fortune.
  13. A spotted pearl causes leprosy.
  14. A fish-eyed sign on a pearl suggest loss of children.
  15. A lusterless pearl shortens one’s life.
  16. A pearl resembling a coral invites poverty.
  17. A broken pearl spells loss of livelihood.


  1. This symbolises life-force energy.
  2. It protects one from the evil eye.
  3. The dark red variety vitalises and stimulates the bloodstream and the entire body.
  4. The pink variety restores harmony where there is a conflict of emotion.
  5. It aids during meditation by helping one to retain images and forms.
  6. It blesses one with material happiness.
  7. It helps one to recover from fever, cough, smallpox, chickenpox, headache, piles, measles and bilious complaints.
  8. It frees one from nightmares and unpleasant dreams.
  9. It makes one courageous and triumphant.
  10. The red coral warns one .of impending ill health by changing its color.


  1. The lush and intense green color of the emerald is associated with fertility and life.
  2. It is also associated with wisdom and faith.
  3. The emerald instills divine qualities through the power and beauty of its ray.
  4. It is a symbol of regeneration and life. It represents a revitalised body in which the higher soul flowers with creative and artistic abilities.
  5. While energising and replenishing, it is also restful and calming.
  6. Its rays help in balancing, healing and providing one with a serene state of mind.
  7. This increases one’s intelligence, brainpower and wisdom.
  8. The clear shades of emerald are good for meditation.
  9. Writers might consider adopting emeralds as their personal gem, since it is linked with powers of persuasion and verbal eloquence.
  10. Emeralds are associated with the preservation of chastity.
  11. They are effective in countering evil spirits.
  12. It is a sure cure for stammering, fear, amnesia, epilepsy, fickle-mindedness, ulcer, diarrhea, dysentery, gastritis, asthma, heart problems and insomnia.
  13. It ensures wealth, property and offspring’s.
  14. It protects one from evil influences and snakebites.
  15. A flawed stone may cause injuries, and deprive them of happiness from parents.


  1. Topaz has an inspiring and stimulating influence on the higher mind and soul.
  2. It sharpens one’s awareness and vision.
  3. It endows one with a great capability of keenness, clarity, concentration and creativity.
  4. It has a balancing effect on the nervous system and on the solar plexus.
  5. It is an excellent aid in cases of nervous trauma, exhaustion or mental breakdown.
  6. It increases wealth, prosperity and life security.
  7. It dispels adversity, misfortune and melancholia.
  8. It cures diarrhea, gastritis, ulcer, heart problems, rheumatism, jaundice, insomnia, impotency, gout and arthritis.


  1. Diamonds symbolise our deepest love, and honor our most lasting commitments.
  2. The diamond is the highest expression of white light — the universal light.
  3. It is the highest symbol of clarity, purity and illumination, and represents the pure focus of energy.
  4. It harmonises the heart and the will with divine mind, creating perfection.
  5. It is the gem with the highest potency.
  6. It carries great healing power, curing most illnesses.
  7. It protects against negative vibrations and thoughts.
  8. Its pure transparency and reflection cut through all, yet nothing cuts through it.
  9. It creates goodness and goodwill.
  10. It expels evil and fearful thoughts.
  11. It improves the financial status and peace of mind.
  12. It cures diabetes, afflicted genitals, skin and uterine disorders.
  13. It protects one from the influence of evil spirits and snakebites.
  14. A diamond with a red hue is beneficial to kings, adminis­trators and political leaders.
  15. A stone with a white hue benefits those associated with religious and spiritual work.
  16. A black-hued one helps those in inferior or menial tasks.
  17. A defective diamond brings disaster and distress, and disturbs one’s peace of mind.


  1. It ensures a long, energetic life.
  2. It promises wealth, name and fame, joy, love and happiness to the wearer.
  3. It cures deafness, baldness, mental disorders, infertility, fainting fits and virility.
  4. The wearer of this gem will be blessed with children and grandchildren, and will be protected from evil sprits.
  5. A stone with cracks denotes accidents.
  6. A lusterless and opaque stone causes distress to near ones.
  7. A milky stone suggests poverty.
  8. A double-colored stone causes trouble from enemies.
  9. A red-dotted stone denotes loss of wealth.
  10. A stone with a depression signifies problems from boils and ulcers.


  1. This gem confers success and prosperity.
  2. It ensures good appetite, vitality and good health.
  3. It brings wealth, prosperity and happiness to the individual.
  4. It safeguards one from enemies and criticism.
  5. The red-hued stone is injurious to health.

Cat’s Eye

  1. Gains profit from speculations, gambling, horse racing, and stocks shares.
  2. It cures paralysis and mania.
  3. It saves one from unexpected mishaps, secret enemies and poverty.
  4. It bestows wealth and children to the wearer of the gem.
  5. It restores lost health.
  6. A dull or opaque stone is not good for health.
  7. A spotted stone means trouble from enemies.
  8. The one with a depression causes stomach ailments.
  9. A cracked stone warns of injuries.
  10. A webbed stone denotes imprisonment.
  11. A black-spotted stone is fatal to the subject.